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March 25, 2010


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“Four years?”


“Now don’t you think I am a fool alright? The validity remains for a year or maximum two years. I have seen lot of them.”

“Well maybe. But mine is four years and give my money back.”

“No way! Nobody goes colleges for four whole years.”

The conductor was not ready to believe that my student card is a real one. And all of my logics would fail convincing him, I knew that.

He further complained, “And this card is too different. It must be from some workplace, may be from bank. You think I cannot figure it out?”

The card was indeed different from regular student cards he comes across everyday. My card has vertical layout, the photograph is not pasted in a paper but rather printed in a plastic like a text. And central to other things, the validity was not at the back but just below my name which remains for four years, my minimum years in college. It was not a big deal that the conductor found it different. I even liked the idea that he can read the validity unlike others, who simply inspect the photograph in the card but the matter of surprise, for me, was that he could not read the “STUDENT” written in bold letters at the top of my card. I made out that this guy either is very dumb or very smart, which in any case I was not to give up.

He pointed the card towards me and held, “Take it; I cannot give you any discount. There is no such student card. What do you think you can fool people easy?”

“Fool! Oh please, save me from this smartass.” I murmured in my breath.

The other people in the microbus listening to our conversation were already smiling. Some further interested passengers even made their chance to look at my card.

I took my card from the conductor. But I am not easy in quitting. “You better give my money back. This is a real student card and this just won’t become fake because you say it is. Now,  my money. Right now.” I had to be aggressive.

But I knew well, he wouldn’t miss a chance to pick a quarrel. “I said, I can’t. You give me any card and take back the money? Forget it!”

A huge guy sitting beside me joined us, “Hey, give her the money back. You stupid people do not even know what is fake and what is real? Her card is genuine.”

Another guy sitting across me added, “How idiotic these people can be! Hey, how do you think doctors and engineers are made in a day?”

Well, a common Nepali belief or may I say desire, doctor or engineer, but I was none. I am only a media student but yes even media persons are not made in a day. So, that does go for me.

“How would they know what it takes to be a doctor or engineer? They don’t need it, they don’t need studying, illiterate people.” A guy from the back said which was followed with a loud laugh. Others joined in the laugh too.

The last comment was harsh and it hurt him, or maybe because too many people were already insisting, the conductor handed the change back to me. But he did not miss saying, “Take it aunty.”


December 24, 2008

The Endless Walk

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The walk does not wish to halt
And so I’m not going home
And so you cannot go
But someday this will end
And we shall stop
And between the scented flowers
We can sleep on the grasses
and count the endless stars
You can look into my eyes
And I play with your hair.

But for now,
The walk does not wish to halt
And so I cannot stop
And so you cannot go
Thirst and pain can wait
Time can freeze here
And my burning feet can walk
Walk to cross the oceans and seas,
Cross the world’s miseries
I can invade plains and hills
to highlands and windmills.

I wish,
This walk wouldn’t come to halt
And so I may not return
And so you wouldn’t leave
But the truth is that
Someday this will end
And we shall stop
And between the scented flowers
We can sleep on the grasses
and count the endless stars
You can look into my eyes
And I play with your hair.

Neither walk nor truth
Wish to halt
And so I may die for you
And so you live for my death.

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