The ink.

December 17, 2010


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Your old hair pins

lying in my drawer

A pair of your jeans

with faded color


A hand-made

birthday card

in my name

A colorful candle

on the stand

waiting for the flame


The bookmarking

chocolate wrap

The stickers

in my book of scrap


They are all here

They are all safe

But, it’s you

That I’ve lost.


November 15, 2010

Dear Brother

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You give me

And it’s not sure

What perspective

I take.


But it does not matter

Unless I have one


Unless I have you.

October 24, 2010

The occurrence

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And when

Monsoon just walked away,

Rain dripped all over me.


Like a memory of

A long forgotten dream,

Appearing suddenly like a torrent.

Like a traces of

Handicapped plans,

Assembling a complicated design.



Like a lost happiness

Making a way to you

Like a déjà vu.

When monsoon just walked away

Rain dripped all over me.

October 7, 2010

Vacuum Cleaner

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I was thinking

what if

We could vacuum clean

our minds.

Letting the machine

suck out

All the stacked

Old, unnecessary thoughts.

Random, useless thoughts.


Just thinking.

And oh,

one more thought


Vacuum clean!

October 1, 2010


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I wonder

If my phone forgets

That it does not possess me


That I forget

I own the phone


My phone quietly smirks

At its ability to chase away my peace


My phone commands me constantly

With that chaotic ringing


I have no choice

But to surrender to its wishes


I have started to exist

Through my phone number


Before my phone forgets

That it does not possess me


Before I forget

I own the phone,

I switch it off.

May 23, 2010

Classmate Categories

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College students come from all different types of backgrounds. Therefore, a classroom is a melting pot of different people. If you sit around at a corner-most place of the classroom and try to sort out the people individually, you realize the variation of nature of your classmates. You would actually be amazed to find chalk and cheese mix in one jar. So here, we cluster the college students according to their nature and categorize them into nerds, who are goal oriented and they believe in following books and teachers. The next are the rebels who make an effort to break away from the crowd, they are more into changing than following and the last types are happy-go-luckys, who are carefree types, who often take things easily, whether things are to their convenience or not.

The first type, the nerds are obsessed with books. They are continuously thinking about the study matters and have a tight schedule for recreation. They are sensitive with the marks in the exams and are possessive with their books and notes even to the extent to being mean. They stress a lot on assignments and grades. Not all but usually many of the nerds are easily teacher’s pet. They prepare each day in the college for one reason, that is, their future. The second type, however think otherwise about their life in the college.

The second types are the rebels. The rebels are dissatisfied with most of the things including textbooks, teachers or administration. Though other might also have the same disappointment, rebels take the charge to fight without any delay. They are often seen debating with the teacher and are frequently kicked out of the class. Rebels are however good at last minute preparations with remarkable cramming abilities. On the other hand, such pressures do not exist for the next type of college students.

The final types are the happy-go-lucky types, for whom classes are not less than fun. They take everything easy and slowly with enough time in their schedule for their interests and hobbies. They do not panic in any way and are content with whatever they have. Even the intelligent happy-go-luckys are not good with grades because of their laid back attitude. And with the same attitude they fall prey to teachers’ fury.

In conclusion, there are different types of people and the nature they posses have good and bad things alike. It is necessary that we acknowledge the aptitude of others and have an open mind to discover good things no matter in which of the above category we fall into. The above category however is not without errors but it is true that every classroom has above mentioned three groups. And at the end of this essay, I am thinking, which category I fall into?

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