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September 18, 2010


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“So what’s marketing?”

After the ‘my name is….., I am from…, I’d like to…’ session which is usually called introduction, our teacher for Integrated Marketing Communication (IMC) got into the basics which I would like to call ‘warm-up session’. The name of the course may let you think that I am a student of some Business management course but on the contrary, I am a student of Bachelors in Media Studies since last three years. And thus this only fact makes this whole experience of this one class with Dr. Pradeep Bhattarai more strange and interesting.

When you are studying new courses every semester with a new teacher (as professional of the same subject), you get used to the awkwardness of the first class. But when I try to see it through the lens of those teachers I wonder how they must have felt. Seeing a bunch of unknown faces looking super curious at you and not only you do not know them, you don’t have any idea of their aptitude as a teacher. Moreover after those entire introductions, you feel it might take weeks to remember only their names. (Oh random thoughts again, I usually do this when the class gets utterly boring, or when I want to suppose it’s boring!)

So Dr. Bhattarai was telling us about marketing, he started it with his own marketing. If you ask me he did pretty well, not because I got to know about his credentials but I started to feel a little more comfortable in the class. And when I was just easing up, he came up with this litmus test thing to check our propensity. TEST???? WHAT! ‘This is the first class’, I told myself, ‘the awkward feeling, remember?’

According to him, we are on the constant marketing of ourselves. When he was saying this I thought about all the times I introduced myself to people and tried to be impressive. And I thought of the Maquail Litmus test I had just finished, oh how poor marketing of myself in the first class of marketing! But I again started feeling relaxed when Dr. Bhattarai went on to tell us about the anecdotes related to his life. It was a warm-up class anyway, I thought.

Marketing communication wasn’t something I would prefer if options were available. I guess its same with most of my friends. But studying Media Studies for three years in Kathmandu University, you learn to accept new things with a perfect open mind. But it was interesting to sit in the class with Dr. Bhattarai and see him marketing for things like love and fashion. ‘Eco-friendly’ is his word for the fashion for girls that require minimal clothing, probably could  be a marketing strategy for a clothing line. The search for suitors for marriage is also a marketing plan according to him; the degree to your success to win the heart of the one you are interested in also depends upon how well you market yourself. When we are marketing ourselves, we are also marketing our culture, the culture in which we are brought into and that culture speaks a lot about us, the person we are.

So, from the first class I derived that Integrated Marketing Communication is not only for business purposes, it can get way personal. Everyone and everything has a name in this world but Marketing Communications helps you make your name a brand, a brand that sells, of course that must include the best qualities in you. This little understanding of Integrated Marketing Communications, marketed by Dr. Bhattarai is compelling me to get into it deeply; I wouldn’t lose this opportunity now, even if I had other options.


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